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To reinvent the way Farmers carry out record keeping.


To be the leading provider of ICT business solutions for Farmers in East Africa.

Background of FARMIS Kenya

• Agriculture supports about 80% of entire Kenyan population

• It contributes 25% of GDP

• Source of almost 90% of all food needs

• Single biggest livelihood option

• Mainly rain-fed and is entirely dependent on the bimodal rainfall

• Predominantly small-scale farming (averaging 0.2–3 ha)

• Frequent droughts, crops fail in 1 out of 3 seasons.

• 60% of farmers make less that $1.5 p.d.

• Fertilizer use is about 1.7 kg/acre (global average is 60 kg/acre)

• In 1971, 1 tractor for every 1700 farmers (1 in 4000 in Brazil). Now, 1 tractor for every 42000 farmers (in Brazil 1 tractor for 4 farmers)

• Allegory of the plough vs hoe

• Farmers are victims of inappropriate policies and project interventions

• Wrong assumptions about resilience of the farming systems

• Limited understanding of the linkages between the assets possessed, livelihood strategies pursued and the livelihood outcomes achieved

• Climatic variability creates uncertainty about the future sustainability of farming system

• No accurate data about what is produced, where it is, how much it is, etc

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